Application requirements

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Please go to the Bonus Hunter website to register for Häfele's "2022 Second National Student Design Competition" and download the attached drawings, upload the design and the consent form to the platform for submission, and complete the registration after confirming that the information is correct. AIn addition, please submit A1 size (59.4cm×84.1cm) horizontal drawing. The files need to be submitted in two file formats: JPG and PDF files (both within 15MB).äfeleStudentCompetition/


∎ Purpose

Taiwan has entered an ageing society with low birthrate and with a population where physical challenges in our country are also increasing year by year. The design of assisted living is increasingly demanded by people and more comprehensive consideration of healthy buildings is gradually gaining international attention. Based on the needs of people with health impairments a good building design can improve the comfort of one’s space, so that the occupants can enjoy various resources without hindrance and can maintain better physical and mental health. To consider and plan interior or architectural design drawings from different aspects, for example: considering obstacles and inconveniences that the elderly and the physically challenged. Which restrictions in their mobility they may encounter, how to improve and upgrade their facilities to real assisted living facilities – how to design outdoor passages, refuge floor ramps and handrails, entrances and exits, indoor access corridors, lifting equipment, stairs, room configuration, bathrooms and kitchens for specific rooms, etc. is this year’s task for the Häfele student competition.

Additionally, one aspect of our design competition is to plan for exterior renovation of old building to improve the appearance of the house. Häfele Taiwan upholds the spirit of corporate social responsibility to make this competition which is organized with Taiwanese government and various universities. The purpose of this competition is to allow students to work together in creating a friendly, healthy and safe space for the elderly, the physically challenged for better future living environments.

∎ Design Topic

 A. Interior design group

For Category A, the subject is the interior design of the public senior center for Tucheng Yuanhe Community Housing in New Taipei city. To consider obstacles and inconveniences that the elderly and the physically challenged. Which restrictions in their mobility they may encounter, how to improve and upgrade their facilities to real assisted living facilities.


​​​​​​​B. Architecture appearance group

For Category B, the subject is to plan for exterior renovation of the old buildings to improve the appearance of the house. Participants should select one item to design and plan their design according to the base site plan or elevation plan provided by the New Taipei City Government. The four locations are: Wenchang Street in Banqiao District, Beimen Street in Banqiao District, Bitan Scenic Area in Xindian District, and Zhongzheng Bridge, Section 2, Yonghe Road in Yonghe District.

∎ Precautions

I. Design works will not be returned. If the registration information does not match the actual situation, the qualification will be disqualified.

II. Students should strictly abide by the provisions of the Copyright Law. If there is any infringement, the student shall bear the legal responsibility and revoke its participation and award qualifications. Such as the condition that in the event of loss of rights and interests of a third party, the creator of the student shall bear full legal responsibility and has nothing to do with the organizer.

III. Students should respect the decision of the jury and have no other objection to the award decided by the jury, except to specifically prove that the winning works violated the relevant provisions of the competition rules.

IV. According to Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the personal data of contestants obtained in this event will only be used for communication and praise during the event. Using the Internet, e-mail, writing, fax or other legal means without violating the purpose of collection. The personal data collected and used this time will be kept confidential and properly kept in accordance with the Personal Information Law and relevant regulations. Students agree to the above-mentioned personal information regulations when they submit their entries, but if they refuse to provide the above-mentioned information, the application will not be accepted.

V. When submitting entries for public welfare promotion purposes, students agree that the copyright and property rights of the entries and winning entries will be transferred to the organizer free of charge. The organizer may reproduce, modify, edit, publicly display, publicly transmit, publicly broadcast and distribute or make the right to publish various cultural and publicity supplies, picture albums, CDs, Internet, software, etc. is not limited by time, region, frequency and method. The winning works will also be provided to the New Taipei City Government for planning reference, and participants and winners shall not object.

VI. The winners who participate in this event belong to the competitions, competitions and opportunities to win prizes or give prizes in category 8 of Article 14, Item 1 of the Income Tax Law, and 10% of the withholding tax shall be deducted according to the winning amount. All entries in the competition are deemed to agree to abide by the regulations of this activity.

VII. If you are under the age of 20, you should obtain the consent of your legal representative before using this website to register for the competition. When you use or continue to use the services of this website, you are deemed to guarantee your legal representative. The person has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this Privacy Statement and its subsequent changes.

VIII. The organizer reserves the right to change the relevant rules of this competition. If there is any change, the official website announcement of the organizer shall prevail without further notice.