Häfele Student Design Competition

The Häfele Student Design Competition is fully for public benefit. Promoting the design culture in Taiwan and deepen the international communications of the design industry.

Häfele Taiwan as an coordinator this time, hold the hand of Taipei City Government and all fantastic universities in Taiwan. Create ideas and benefit the society.

The assignment is mainly encourage students to deal with nowadays design and architectural challenges learn more about modern use and incorporation of furniture and architectural hardware. 

Also this time by working with Taipei City Government, we can have the assignment with the public building apartment. Students can have a chance to work on the space they might really live in the future.


The cooperation with ハーフェレ・ジャパン 本社 (Häfele Japan)

This campaign is begin with  ハーフェレ・ジャパン 本社 (Häfele Japan). They have been hosted the competition for 13 years. And every year they invited well known architectures and designers ad their judges. Like 五十嵐淳, 成瀬友梨,  石上純也



We will tighten the cooperation with Taipei City Government, Germany society and the design industry with Japan. In the future when Corona times end we will do competition next year together!

Do you want to know more abut the competition in  ハーフェレ・ジャパン 本社 (Häfele Japan)?