For our Häfele Design Competition this time, we invite German trade office Taipei (AHK), German Institute Taipei, Germany trade and invest, Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government, Department of Architecture and Urban Design from PCCU and the design department from National Taipei University of Technology to participate this activity.  We are also expected that we can see the great performance and innovative ideas from students at the field of interior design and this activity will be an unforgettable experience for them as well as it will have a positive influence for the interior design sector and development in Taiwan.

German Institute Taipei

Representative office of Germany in Taiwan.

German Institute Taipei was established in Febuary 1, 2000.  The mission of this institution is to maintain the benefits of Germany in Taiwan and enhance the relationship with Taiwan, such as cultural or economy fields.  It is responsible for maintaining and promoting non-diplomatic bilateral relationship between Germany and Taiwan.  Except for promoting the culture and economy, it also accept consular affair, for example, visa or passport and provide service for oversea Chinese citizens. and promote tourism in Germany.  In some special ocassion, it will play a representative of the German to contact the government of the republic of China or play the contact person when Repulic of China need to go to visit Germany.

Taipei City Government

Department of Urban Development

Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government is a institution to research the problem of urban planning division, council house, design or measure etc...

German trade office Taipei (AHK)

Representative office of the German commerce and industry in Taiwan.

 It was established in 1981.  The mission of this institution is to accelerate and enhance the business development and bilateral trade between Geramny and Taiwan.  As the official representive of the German Commerce and Industry association, not only does it promote the investment plans of enterprises from these two countries, but it also collects and collates the important economic data and materials, as well as publishes publications being related to Taiwan economy, trade and taxation.

National Taipei University of Technology

Design College

Design college can be divided into three department, architecture, industrial and interaction design.  School has a cooperation with the international academic institutions in a long term, such as the United States, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and other regions.  Based on the long history of architecture and industrial design, school integrates the professional fields, such as the landscape planning, architect, engineering, products, interior, furniture, innovation and consulting to advance towards the world trend of creative design and innovative development and knowledge management.  

Chinese Culture University

Department of Architecture and Urban Design

Has established since March, 1963.  The goal of eduction is to cultivate the professional talents having the faith of sustainable development on achitecture and urban planning design.  Besides the edcutaion and training on the professional techinques and skills, the department is also be attention the characteristics of students about the skill and morality as well as the cultivation of professional ethics.  It is also expected that the talents from this school are all professional intellectual who have a high level concerning and keep the motivation for the country and society.


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