Little space? Now it works with these products!

Functional hardware solutions for more life per m²

Nobody has to do without comfort even in confined spaces. Living in just a few square meters poses special challenges for furnishings. Flexibility and, above all, ideas for solutions to fold in and out help here. With Häfele you have various options for implementing multifunctional furnishings and thus converting even the smallest living space into a real paradise of wellbeing. Here is a small selection of ideas if your next project should get tight.

Space-saving bed

With the folding bed system from Häfele you have a modular system for functional living solutions. Smaller floor plans require maximum flexibility. So it's just clever when the bed that is no longer required disappears into the closet in no time at all.

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Staircase as a space-saving miracle

The auxiliary staircase is particularly suitable for space-saving living. Whether as stairs to the attic, to a gallery, to the loft bed, in a tiny house or in a micro apartment, this solution really saves space when it is not needed.

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Table surface that can be folded out

Extendable folding tables are versatile helpers in cramped living conditions. They serve as short-term writing surfaces, offer additional space for eating in the kitchen or are useful as temporary storage space in the utility room.

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