Living and working in a cosy unit Walk-in wardrobe: elegant spaciousness Sleeping and storage space: suitable for any time of day The stair cabinet: utilising every inch of storage space Office: communication and concentration in harmony Living room table: every guest is welcome L-shaped kitchen: healthy movement at all times. Show kitchen: nourishment for body and mind The family kitchen island: contemporary at all times. Guest bed: always there, never in the way Manager’s office: keeping an overview at all times Wardrobe: everything in sight Wardrobe: elegant down to the finest detail Wardrobe: organisation is always in season The wardrobe: a tidy start to the day The utility room: in good order Wardrobe: the search is at an end The modern family kitchen: enjoyment for young and old chefs The comfort kitchen: everything, just not work Good Night, Desk - Hello, Bed Steba makes the advisory meeting a pleasure Chinese students give their workplace wings The stereo sideboard: media centre at the push of a button Convertible wall unit: a home for the home office Tidy reception succeeds every time with this wardrobe The suitcase high board: the showpiece for every collection. TV sideboard: always the right programme The made-to-measure wardrobe for the entire family A multifunctional table makes the kitchen-living room perfect The clever guest bed: the dream for visitors and hosts The office kitchen: sliding doors create new rooms Sliding doors revolutionise the living area How do I hide a kitchen? Bringing life back to the kitchen Everything is there - but only when you want it

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