Swings the contents out in front

An invention that generates ideas. 

LeMans is the only corner unit solution that combines very high space utilisation with outstanding access. No wonder, because LeMans trays swing right out in front of the cabinet. You can store a lot of pots and pans – and each one is always in easy reach. LeMans trays move independently of each other.

LeMans – cornering in style! 

The controlled and perfectly fluid sequence of movements is a seamless combination of turning and swinging, with trays moving independently and bringing the entire cabinet contents into easy reach!

LeMans II – following a long line of tradition. 

Unmistakeable as regards form and function – And that goes not only for the Le Mans race track itself, but also for the intelligent corner unit solution from Kesseböhmer of the same name. In both cases, efficiency, innovation and emotion are the name of the game. With new features and innovations, LeMans ll is about to build on the already successful track record by taking things to a whole new level. This intelligent corner unit system is setting new standards all over again with unprecedented levels of technical quality and motions that are designed to captivate.

From perfect functionality to captivating convenience! 

Hardly any effort is required to make the shelves emerge from the cupboard so that you can constantly keep track of what is where and access everything with perfect ease. In a nutshell, LeMans ll is in pole position for efficiency and convenience.

85°opening angle – Innovation through evolution. 

Building on a classic: The convenient processes that were typical of the LeMans have been improved even further on the LeMans ll. The shelf contour is now even better. As well as making technical planning more straightforward it also ensures that the product continues to function fully and conveniently even when the front panels are opened to an angle of 85°.



The handles on adjacent cupboards do not cause an obstruction during opening. This makes it easier to plan reliably and ensures user-friendliness during day-to-day use. Even when you do not have very much room to play with, the high-quality front panel remains protected at all times. LeMans ll offers greater flexibility in terms of configuration and is ideal for overcoming space restrictions in an even wider range of situations.

25 kg bearing capacity – Plenty of room, even for heavy weights. 

From a technical perspective, the bearing capacity of the shelves on the LeMans ll has been increased by another 5 kilograms. This means that each individual shelf can now easily bear a weight of 25 kilograms. Consequently, the shelves are practically impossible to overload. With an overall capacity of 50 kg and its perfect convenience, the LeMans ll could indeed be described as THE perfect corner unit.


High or low: LeMans ll is impressively flexible. 

Greater efficiency and flexibility: LeMans ll makes the assembly process easier and saves time as well thanks to the optimised ClickFixx assembly system. What’s more, it is now more straightforward with regard to materials, with fewer screws required.

In addition, the body side is reinforced and you can even adjust the height of the shelves later on whenever you want during day-to-day use. Intelligent details mean impressive convenience.

Tip-top technology and sheer captivation.

Highly advanced technology results in perfect convenience: For example, as soon as the shelf is two thirds of the way into the cupboard, the cushioned mechanism is triggered so that the drawer of the LeMans ll can be closed automatically. This optional self-closing mechanism means that the drawers close almost silently and offer optimum convenience. The powerful emotional connection between product and user, the innovative technology and the optimised assembly process based on ClickFixx all work together to create these impressive solutions. LeMans ll is setting new standards – Why not see for yourself.