LOOX - LED Lighting Systems

LOOX- LED Lighting With A Technology Edge


In the fast moving LED lighting market, you need a well thought-out system. With LOOX each driver and light are marked with symbols, color and text for 12V, 24V, 350mA systems.



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I. LOOX for Designers

If your client needs straight ahead task lighting to finish the main course for a dinner party or, the Master Bedroom needs lighting in the dressing area… Hafele’s LOOX LED lighting has you covered. With three voltage driver systems plus battery operated lights this LED lighting line gives you a complete selection to bring your lighting and interior design plans to life... more

II. LOOX for Cabinetmakers

One LED lighting system with international capabilities. Design and build here, power it anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t have global ambitions for your cabinetry or furniture, the LOOX lighting system has many advantages. LOOX LED lighting brings extremely innovative, unique lights to your cabinets where create a cozy and friendly atmosphere for your space... more

III. Download  the LOOX room styler
Overview of Wardrobe Planning with Loox
Overview of Kitchen Planning with Loox
Overview of Bedroom Planning with Loox
Overview of Living Room Planning with Loox
IV. Certificate UL
Certificate UL LOOX drivers have been tested to the UL standard by UL review the certifications here.
V. Certificate ETU
Certificate ETULOOX lights have been tested to meet the UL-2108 standard – for test documentation.