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Good Night, Desk - Hello, Bed

Imagine the following: you have completed your day’s work on the computer. Without leaving the desk, simply fold down the bed – the worktop of the desk simultaneously folds down and lowers itself onto the floor. There is plenty of room between the table top and the bed for the PC, the monitor and some files if necessary. Good Night, Desk. Hello, Bed. Next morning the bed is folded away again and disappears into the rear panel of the furniture. The fully operational desk then reappears, on which everything is arranged as it was the previous evening. Magic?

Tavoletto - The devil’s joint

No magic is required if you have Tavoletto on hand. The multifunctional fitting system consists of two gas-filled struts, two support arms with folding mechanism and two retaining plates for the table top. The result is a unique method of movement which functions like a parallelogram. It ensures that the table top is always in a horizontal position. It glides downwards without anything sliding or falling off. That is a lot of technology for a little hinge, and for even more options.

The desk turns into a bed.

The desk turns into a bed.

The bed becomes a table and vice-versa

The basic idea for Tavoletto was to connect the worlds of day and night. In plain English: the bed is completely hidden during the day, and at night the day's work is folded away. A perfect solution for a home office that also has to function as a guest room. The challenge for our designers and joiners was to combine perfect functionality, compactness and high-end design.

How did Tavoletto become what it is?

It didn't happen in a single day. The new fitting was continually re-optimised by Häfele developers until it had exactly the desired functionality. The multifunctional fitting system was to be suitable for industrial furniture construction as well as the planned use in desk-bed furniture, and was therefore subjected to the strictest of DIN safety tests.

The workplace is ready to use with a single manual operation.

The workplace is ready to use with a single manual operation.

Functionality is in the eye of the beholder

It was clearly evident: the visitors to the Häfele Functionality Cube had never seen anything like Tavoletto. The excitement was palpable, and many questions were asked about the unusual furniture. People were especially enthusiastic about the fact that they can save both space and money. The demand for a Tavoletto was overwhelming. And it will therefore soon find a place in German living areas - either with a comfortable size of 90 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm – ideal for a guest bed for up to two people. And once the visitors have left, work can resume, with a simple manual operation.

The solution provides a lot of storage space in a small area.

The solution provides a lot of storage space in a small area.