Free flap – evolution or revolution?

Modern kitchens impress with sophisticated ergonomics and an attractive exterior. But things have changed within the kitchen cabinets too: where previously only hinges were used, hingeless flap fittings are increasingly taking their place today.

This development is significant since with conventional hinges, front panels can only be opened to the side. They impede access to the cabinet interior and don't look especially attractive.

Thankfully things are different now. Thanks to contemporary flap fittings, front panels can simply and conveniently be swung upward. Cabinet doors that jut into the space are finally a thing of the past.

What can a stay flap fitting like this actually do?

Or better: is the stay flap fitting as we know it the better alternative to traditional hinges? It's a factor to consider since stay flap fittings are significantly more complex in design.

Whilst searching for solutions, one thing quickly became clear: to achieve Häfele's high quality standards, the stay flap fitting had to be completely redesigned. As part of the process, we examined every individual component under the microscope. Pivots were optimised, support arms and levers were designed to be rigid and the kinematics were optimised. And now, everything is perfect.

Free flap 2.0

In short: the resulting product is called Free flap and is a completely new stay flap fitting. It combines the connecting and retaining functions of the front panel, making hinges superfluous. With a wide range of adjustment options, it delivers a perfect gap pattern and secure support for the door. The adjustable multi-position function and integrated soft-closing mechanism ensure maximum user convenience. Assembly is very straightforward and extremely quick thanks to the pre-mounted screws. What more could one want?

Free flap flap fitting from Häfele

A good decision

Although we didn't intend to completely reinvent the stay flap fitting, we did it anyway. And with great success, as the industry is captivated by Free flap. Companies from Italy and other countries acted as pilot customers, deploying the innovation in kitchens before its official market launch. It's a rewarding endorsement that Häfele did a lot right with the Free flap.