Job table for the home office

Häfele: The harmonious connection with added value

Get the workflow - how can this be done in times of pandemic when a part of the workforce stays at home and the workplace is there rather scantily furnished rule on the kitchen or living room table ? Häfele from Nagold, the international specialist for furniture accessories, LED light and electronic locking systems, has developed the job table for this. This mobile, height-adjustable sitting and standing workstation is at home in your own four walls, as well as a highly flexible, individually usable home office work table and stylish furniture.  Added value for interior fitters and joiners: configure the job table together with the customer and order it from Häfele. The table is delivered ready-made directly to the customer. In times of full order books, this is a welcome additional business, because the margin stays with the Häfele partner.  This table creates the harmonious connection between office and home even after the pandemic, because the change in the world of work has only just begun in the office. More and more companies are therefore promoting home office workplaces for their employees and using the newly created tax deductibility options.

With the Häfele JobTable, working at home can be optimally designed because it fits into almost any living environment, even where there is little space available.
Power connections, a base drawer and a magnetic rear wall are part of the basic equipment of this filigree piece of furniture, which is reminiscent of a classic secretary in terms of shape and function, with modern, exclusive equipment. The Häfele job table is delivered fully assembled. Simply set it up, connect Plug & Play and the new home office workstation is ready to go. Are German Quality from the Black Forest's included, on top of it with five years warranty.

Convenient configuration with the 3D visualizer
If you want more, you can choose from a wide range of accessories. A 3D visualizer on the Internet provides extremely convenient support with selection and ordering. 
The job table is available in the sizes 1200 x 800 mm and 900 x 660 mm as well as in 78 color combinations and with many different surfaces, from veneer to table linoleum to classic decorative materials. The steel table frame comes from the Häfele factory in Jettingen. It is designed for a particularly long service life.

Work painlessly thanks to the JobTable - while
sitting and standing With this desk, thanks to its electrical height adjustability, you can switch between sitting and standing in next to no time and ergonomically.
It can be connected to the PC or laptop and controlled via the Desk ControlTM app. The program encourages you to work while sitting and standing. It recommends constant changes and thus ensures mobility that relieves the back, promotes blood circulation and increases calorie consumption - so it is simply healthy. Just like the two seats from the range of accessories: a height-adjustable multi-purpose stool and a highly functional and comfortable office chair.

Nimbus and Rossoacoustic create an optimal working
environment The dimmable Roxxane table lamp, which matches the modern appearance of the furniture, provides adjustable work light at the job table. It can also be added to the preconfigured tabletop at a later date. Various acoustic and privacy protection elements from Rossoacoustic also provide optimal conditions for concentrated work in a home environment. All of these products come from Nimbus, the Häfele subsidiary based in Stuttgart.


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