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Create more Life per Square meter







海福樂 Connect ,串聯家具與房間

海福樂 Connect  這套全新系統,是啟用智慧連網家具與房間的關鍵之鑰。海福樂 Connect  的基本核心,是可調控家具的燈光和聲響、熱銷國際的海福樂 Loox LED 照明系統。Loox LED 照明系統隨插即用,具備通用連網功能,各類家具皆可輕易電動化,甚至可相容未來推出的應用配件。

智慧軟體透過 app,搭建與家具連通的道路,最終可望實現房間全面管理的目標。


家具科技 – 全方位視角 – 眾多創新觀點


海福樂身為國際家具市場一流品牌,比多數業者更能深入瞭解五金科技、家具產業和家具本質。海福樂擁有豐富經驗,在各領域已累積雄厚專業知識 —— 從家具設計到室內裝修,開啟與關閉的功能,以及家具的電動化,無不精通。

海福樂基於家具的全方位視角,發揮自身專業開發新產品併發想創意觀點,針對整個服務流程鏈量身打造,並特別關注家具業的需求。海福樂現任執行長 Sibylle Thierer 表示:「為了家具業客戶、也為了新時代智慧家具的使用者深謀遠慮,這就是海福樂奉行的方針。」


The living spaces are getting smaller due to rapid urbanization, but that doesn’t mean we should ever have to sacrifice when it comes to comfort, functionality or style; so why not create more life per square meter?

The international trends “Micro Living”, comfortable living in small spaces, and “Smart Home”, networking of furniture with their surroundings, intelligent control and adaptation to different living situations and daily routines of residents, challenge the furniture industry to develop appropriate answers. Häfele understands furniture, consistently expands its assortment as a system partner and always has its customers in view. 

The solution to create more life per square meter could summarized in three major theme areas: Micro Living, Smart Furniture meets smart home and Furniture technology.

Furniture system for Micro Living

The densification of housing and the on-going migration into urban centers is what brings living itself into motion. Separating walls disappear, living spaces merge. What has long been a reality in the kitchen will soon be found in all other areas. When living spaces flow into each other and furniture defines the living space, the importance of the furnishings grows: the fittings define the furniture.

Häfele Connect connects furniture and rooms

Häfele Connect is the new system that is the key to smart, networked furniture and rooms. The internationally successful Loox LED lighting system for light and sound in furniture is the starting point. Thanks to its plug & play system and universal connectivity, furniture of all kinds can easily be electrified, even for future applications.
Intelligent software opens the way into the furniture by means of an app and will eventually facilitate complete room management.

Furniture technology – A holistic view – Many novelties

Furniture technology is becoming the driving innovation force for the new living environment. It gives the furniture the necessary space-saving flexibility for daily use, creates the prerequisites for comfortable living and working in small units. Against this backdrop, only a comprehensive and holistic view of furniture brings usable and future-proof solutions for industry and craftsmen.

As an international market leader, Häfele knows the world of hardware technology, the furniture industry and furniture itself better than most others. The company has comprehensive experience and deep know how in all areas - from furniture design to interior fittings, opening and closing functions as well as the electrification of furniture.

Häfele applies this expertise to the development of new products and inspiring ideas with a holistic view of furniture, tailored to the entire process chain of the service provision and especially to the needs of the furniture industry. “Thinking ahead, for our customers in the furniture industry and for users of such smart furniture in a new era, that is our credo,” says currently acting CEO Sibylle Thierer.