Häfele Discoveries started successfully

On new paths through the pandemic

With its hybrid trade show format "Häfele Discoveries" the international specialist for hardware technology is at the start of interzum @home started successfully. The Häfele “spaceship” will be on the road by the end of the year. His fellow travelers can get on at any time and disembark at will.

In a virtual world, visitors experience the entire Häfele cosmos with all its innovations for 2021/22 in an astonishingly real way. At the same time, the company presents itself around the world at analog road shows near its partners - of course, adapted to the respective pandemic.

Live stage with a prominent cast

The “Häfele Discoveries” world of experience opened on May 4th with a brilliant start. In addition to the editors-in-chief of the respected trade and furniture industry specialist media BM and Möbelfertigung, Häfele has succeeded in bringing renowned thought leaders and experts from the industry to the stage. Your contributions can also be viewed at any time after interzum @home at https://discoveries.hafele.com

On a journey of discovery in the virtual showroom

"Häfele Discoveries" shows the entire Häfele spectrum as well as all product ranges and new services on a digital exhibition stand in 16 theme and product worlds. “We care” is a central Häfele motto.

The current exhibition program: 

The Häfele innovations will be on display in the virtual showroom around the clock until the end of the year.

“The digital Häfele Discoveries platform is more reminiscent of a computer game than a virtual showroom. The visit is exciting and fun. You forget everything around you. You simply navigate through a planetary universe and let yourself be inspired, ”reports a visibly satisfied visitor.

More life per m2 and a firework of innovations

Visitors to the “Häfele Discoveries” can look forward to exciting content on the topics of functionality, light, acoustics and networking, as well as new products in the furniture and building hardware range. There is also a lot of inspiration for intelligent room solutions. You can visit innovative kitchen staging, smart living and office spaces as well as comfortable caravans with clever interior design solutions, to name just a few examples. The company's future visions can also be experienced in elaborately staged micro-apartments and in the hotel. You can visit https://discoveries.hafele.com/de either from your desk or from the living room.

Häfele Discoveries Innovations - Products and Services

Loox, Nimbus and Connect - light for furniture and rooms

There is a lot of movement in the Häfele lighting range with its smart networking in furniture and rooms. A simple interaction of the high-quality components makes it possible. Loox5 from Häfele and the products of the subsidiary Nimbus, e.g. the LightingPad Lounge, are now growing together on the 24-volt platform.

With new services, the topic of light in the kitchen and other rooms receives new impulses. Häfele is thus becoming a comprehensive “light furniture maker” that makes it easy for fabricators and retailers to plan popular furniture-light combinations.

Häfele has set up a production facility as a service, in which furniture accessories from a quantity of one are manufactured ready for installation according to customer requirements. This is where, among other things, flexible linear lights or complete drawers that match the kitchen dimensions are created.

With Häfele Connect, light can be smartly controlled using an app. Häfele partners from trade and industry open up new business easily because everything holistically designed and is easy to plan and feasible.

Complete families of flaps, sliding doors and drawers

With a number of new products, Häfele is completing its family of furniture flaps (Free), sliding doors for furniture and rooms (Slido) and drawers (e.g. Matrix). Examples: New weight classes for the flaps, soft closing mechanism for Slido rotary sliding doors and language understanding for operation with Alexa and Google with the flush-fitting Slido Flush51 furniture sliding door system. There are also new configurators, underfloor guides and furnishing features in the Matrix family, as well as designer shelves for the kitchen. Häfele has also significantly expanded its range of services for individual sizes of furniture components such as drawers from a quantity of one.

Dialock in furniture - the electronic locking system from Häfele

The new battery-operated furniture lock EFL 30 complements the product range in the electronic locking system Dialock from Häfele. It is the perfect solution for single locking points and mobile furniture. EFL 30 can be easily integrated into the Dialock software and the Dialock Manager app in conjunction with all Dialock Generation 2 terminals. Its batteries have a service life of up to two years.

Dialock can also do this in furniture: the simplest configuration via smartphone, quick plug & play installation, combination of door and furniture locking and invisible installation.

Häfele Roadshow with innovations you can touch

Anyone who would also like to experience the new products live can choose one of the locations of the “Häfele Discoveries” roadshow.

"Häfele Discoveries" will remain easily accessible from home beyond Interzum until the end of the year. Visitors can still contact specialist advisors via video chat and receive the necessary specialist expertise free of charge and without obligation.

Thus everyone can be inspired by the innovations of the analogue and digital sector and use them to the advantage of their company.

Anton Lovrec Press contact

Anton Lovrec

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