Moovit MX - silent diversity

Storing has never been as precise, easy and convenient. Our Häfele engineers ensure this with innovations such as front panel adjustment from above. And because of its diversity, our drawer runner and drawer system opens up previously unimagined design possibilities in the kitchen, living room, laboratory or in shopfitting.

Moovit - Drawer systems from Häfele

Your benefits:


  • Individually adaptable. To your wishes and requirements.    
  • Functionality in the application. With the same wall thicknesses and dimensions, with tool-less installation and other practical detail solutions. 
  • Universal use equipped with the best modular system - for cabinet makers and joiners or in large-scale production.


A system which accommodates you.

The modular system allows you to make the most of storage spaces for your customers.

Moovit MX brochure