Loox - a new dimension of lighting for your furniture series

Upvalue your product lines with Loox LED lighting systems: economical, future-proof and unique.

Create emphasis, provide orientation and improve your customers' quality of life! The unique Loox driver with worldwide compatibility opens up all of the world's markets to you.

Loox – The lighting system from Häfele

Your benefits:

  • Flexible use. More than ten switching and control methods, three amperages and well over 200 luminaires are available. For the best solution for your customers.
  • Easier to install. Can be installed without specialist electrical knowledge. Just plug together and combine. 
  • Long lasting. Consistent quality from the market leader.
  • Low heat generation

A system that simplifies designing.

With the Loox LED system it is easy to

implement light ideas in a flexible, easy and reliable way.

Loox brochure 



Creating atmosphere with light.  

Experience the atmosphere of the light

in the wide range of versions.

Loox light planning