Loox. LED light with a system.

LED light in furniture and fixtures.
The effective extension of room light.


Light is an essential part of life. And - it noticeably affects our well-being. The bright, cold white morning light is very different from the warm glow of candles or lightbulbs. Light in furniture and furnishings combines harmoniously with the lighting of the room and creates a kind of fourth design dimension.

LED lights are ideal for this because of their low heat generation, small size and long service life. Light colors, including white with different temperatures, are modeled almost lifelike. So there is the right luminaire for every application.

With the Loox LED lighting systems, work areas, presentation areas and living rooms are illuminated from functional to decorative. Well-being can be controlled in a targeted manner. And it's surprisingly easy.

With immediate effect there are two Loox systems at Häfele: the previous  Loox system and the new generation Loox 5 . These systems are compatible with an adapter. Please be sure to observe the specific information on the respective product page.


Advantages of Loox:

  • Well-proven LED lighting system
  • The power supply unit has a switching function and a distribution function
  • Proven color system to differentiate between the voltage variants
  • Networking with BLE technology possible



Advantages of Loox 5:

  • New development based on many years of experience from 4 generations so far
  • Power supply takes over the supply -> very high security of supply
  • Distributors with a switching function are used for distribution
  • The color system was developed in analogy to the previous Loox system
  • Plugs fit consistently through 8mm holes
  • Multi-white and RGB controls possible via the same remote control
  • Networking with innovative BLE mesh technology possible