Ixconnect - the little facilitator

Your ideas become reality: As the inventor of the Minifix connector - the pioneer of modern cabinet connectors – we have made a decisive contribution to the success of RTA furniture.

Because of our pioneering role in terms of connector technology, we feel that it is our duty. Not only do we offer a massive range of connectors, but we are continuously creating new solutions with which you can not only assemble your furniture quickly and without problems, but also give that certain something to your living environment – particularly in high-volume production such as RTA furniture.

Work with Häfele to find and develop connector concepts for a wide range of cabinet designs

Your benefits:

  • The connection is more secure because the quality is right. The original inventor of the Minifix is the undisputed quality leader in the industry. Now also with numerous offshoots for the wide range of requirements of the furniture industry.
  • More innovations through engineering. Continuously developed since 1982 and taken over directly into series production.
  • Quicker assembly and set-up. The right connector system for your furniture construction with operating reliability and intelligent system solutions.